APX framework

Gorwell Engineering offers world class solutions based on APX, the Automotive Products eXchange framework. APX is a library of component building blocks from which automotive solutions can be build on.

More and more companies in the automotive aftermarket are looking to expand their business and increase revenue. One of the best returns on investment for the automotive aftermarket is presenting an online e-commerce presence on the web. The APX platform is an e-commerce solution designed for the automotive industry.

APX gives automotive businesses the upper hand in the online automotive aftermarket.

APX is built entirely on MVC, the Model–View–Controller architecture, which is a software pattern for implementing user interfaces. It divides the APX driven application into three interconnected parts, so as to separate internal representations of information from the ways that information is presented to or accepted from the user. It is a way to separate concerns in a software application. The Model represents the business or data model code, the View represents the page design code, and the Controller represents the navigational code.

A comprehensive data model is provided, using Oracle’s database and Red Hat’s Hibernate technology.

Gorwell Engineering has created pre-defined solutions based on the APX platform, including vehicle engine type driven and vehicle model type driven logic.

Online visitors to your automotive shopping application can start with make, model, engine type or enter part numbers, interchange numbers or OEM numbers. For every filter applied by your online visitor, the rest of the shopping cart navigation reflects the related data. As an example, if a visitor selects a vehicle, only the product groups and products available for this vehicle are shown.

The APX system and its praised catalog management and building technology can be customized by overriding well documented Java classes, JSP and XML files. All data for inventory, images, vehicle applications, interchange numbers, users and more are all managed with the same Oracle database fine-tuned for performance.

  • Customer Role Features

    • Search by Vehicle Make, Model, Engine Type
    • Search by Part Numbers, Trade Numbers, Competitor Numbers, OEM, EAN
    • Shopping Basket
    • Account Manager
    • Orders Placed Overview
    • Pay Pal Payments Ready
    • AJAX Loaded Content for Vehicle Applications listed in the Part page
    • AJAX Loaded Content for Shipping Costs, based on Country of Delivery and weight of items
    • Articles presented by Category
    • Parts presented by Product Group and Product
    • Products presented on the Home Page for selective filtering
    • Photo Gallery for Articles/Parts
    • Contact Us Form
    • Multilingual website currently offering content in 6 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch
  • Administrator Role Features

    • Account Manager
    • Order Manager
    • News Items Manager
    • Article/Part Manager (On Hand, Pricing)
    • Email Notification on Every Order
    • Various XML configuration files for static parameters like shipping rates and static content
  • Other Features

    • URL Re-Write Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Solution
    • Advertisements Configurable
    • Google Analytics Ready
    • SSL Certificate Usage
    • Company Profile/About Us
    • Privacy Statement
    • Terms and Conditions